About Us

Scorpion Jacks is an Australian owned and operated business based out of Townsville, North Queensland. They specialise in offering simple, robust, and reliable mining jacks and floor stands systems, along with specialty products such as Belly Pan Jacks and Dragline Pinion Change-out Jacks. From humble beginnings, in a rural town where company founder Graeme Haller owned and operated a successful hydraulic engineering business, from the 1970’s through to the 1990’s when he recognised an opportunity to design a range of mining jacks that weren’t available at the time. A range which considered, not just the end user, but the repairer as well.

From these early days, the company has grown to offer a complete range of jacking products from 25T through to 200T, along with 50T and 100T stand systems, with products suitable for both surface and underground operations, both big and small. These products have since gone into service not only across Australia, but into nearly every major mining region around the world, including North and South America, Asia and Africa to name just a few, gaining a reputation as a tough and dependable piece of service equipment along the way.

The company continues to grow under Graeme’s son Matthew, who has taken the reigns in recent years, and with many exciting products in development, Scorpion Jacks will continue to offer market leading quality and durability in every product offered in the range.