The BPJ-3-ALD is the fully automated Belly Pan Jack in the BPJ series offered by Scorpion Jacks. With a closed height of 305mm and an extended height of 1210mm, and a maximum rated capacity of 700kg. The BPJ-3-ALD offers the same functionality of the BPJ-3, but adds an air/hydraulic lift lower module, and a hydraulic drive module, all powered by the same proven SC pumps that feature across the range of Scorpion Jacks. The unit is raised by simply activating the Clippard switch mounted in the handle, and then lowered the same way, meaning this BPJ unit is a double acting, (power up/power down) unit. The jack can be moved either forward or backwards by activating another Clippard switch on the alternate side of the handle. All the manual options remain though, so should the air source which powers this jack be lost for whatever reason, the unit can still be operated using the handpump, located next to the handle, and is lowered by simply cracking the lower valve, located on the handpump. The jack can also still be moved around manually. With a rated capacity of 700kg, and featuring a rotating turntable, that incorporates pre-drilled mounting holes for Scorpion, or client provided attachments, the Scorpion Jacks BPJ-3-ALD Belly Pan is a robust and reliable fully automated Belly Pan Hoist. The BPJ-3 series of jacks are also designed to meet a minimum 2:1 safety factor on their nominated SWL. The simple and intelligent design allows for easy maintenance and repair when and if needed. An equal to any Belly Pan unit available on the global market, and one that offers a value for money proposition for operators,  large fleets, or who want the option to use a unit which is fully automated.
Capacity - Kgs (LBs)700 (1543)
Closed Height mm (inches)305 (12)
Stroke mm (inches)905 (35.5/8)
Table Dimensions mm (inches)1153 x 700 (45.3/8 x 27.1/2)
Length mm (inches)1820 (71.5/8)
Width mm (inches)700 (27.1/2)
Lift MethodAir/Hyd (or manual)
Movement MethodHyd Drive (or manual)

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