The MEJ50-25 is a telescopic double acting (power up/power down) jack that features one of the most compact jacking cylinders available in the Scorpion Range. In its own class of 50/25 Metric Tonne jacks, this air operated hydraulic jack is powered by the proven premium quality of an SC air/hydraulic pump and features a closed height of 422mm, a maximum extended height of 850mm.(232mm @ 50T, and 196mm @ 25T). This jack offers the ultimate in flexibility for quarrying or civil earthmoving operators with smaller fleets of loaders, articulated rear dumpers, graders, or scrapers as an example. The fold-out handle offers reach of more than 3m from lift point to operator and allows for the easy placement of the jack in between grader ripper tines, or under the bowl of scrapers. Box section lifting points allow for easy and safe long- distance movement, and the large base plate offers superior stability on the loosest of soils or gravels. All scorpion jacking cylinders have been designed to meet a minimum 2:1 safety factor on SWL, affording compliance in any market worldwide. Every Scorpion telescopic cylinder features a unique internal counterbalance valve which eliminates “rod shuffle”, offering the safest telescopic jacking experience available on the global market still to this day. Fully welded 6 & 10mm steel chassis, with all critical components being fully enclosed, offers premium resistance to incidental damage. The large pneumatic wheels with sealed roller bearings, mean this jack is the easiest to move than any other comparable jack currently available on the market. Inside the jacking cylinder are fully bronzed piston and gland bearing surfaces, along with broad lip glide ring and energiser seals that provide optimal cylinder life even if a seal kit change is overdue, or minor rod damage has occurred. With a bolt on gland, base plate, and piston, the MEJ50-25 Series jacks are also by far the easiest to work on in the industry, which is a crucial consideration for remotely located clients. With available accessories including a range of extension dollies from 100mm through to 450mm, along with self-levelling load caps,the MEJ50-25 will deliver market leading flexibility and useability for years to come.
Capacity – Metric Tonnes (Short Tonnes)50 / 25 (55 / 27.1/2)
Closed Height mm (inches)422 (16.5/8)
Stroke mm (inches)232 (9.1/8)
Stroke (2nd) mm (inches)196 (7.3/4)
Base Diameter mm (inches)455 (17.7/8)
Length mm (inches)2690 (106)
Width mm (inches)426 (16.3/4)
Min handle height mm (inches)762 (30)
Air Pressure for Max Capacity6.5
Bronzed Piston & GlandYES
PumpReciprocating Air Pump
Reservoir Capacity (Litres)15
Overall height mm (inches)425 (16.3/4)
Tyre Size145R12C
Ground Clearance mm (inches)100 (4)
Weight kg (lbs)375 (825)
Onboard Dolly StorageYES

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