The SPJU-454-500-8 is a jack which has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of replacing dragline swing pinion gears. With multiple turntable and base plate options to suit every machine currently on the market, this three-stage, double acting (power up/power down) 6 Metric Tonne Capacity cylinder with a closed height of 454 mm and a maximum extended height of 1275mm, and a 500mm diameter base plate, provides the maintenance team the easiest and safest way to replace these gears available on the global market today. A truly unique product to Scorpion Jacks, the first of these units entered service in the 1970’s and became so popular they feature in nearly every Australian Drag Line in use today. The 3-stage cylinder features a rotating table with 8 tear drop shaped slots, which allow for access to the retaining bolts on the pinion gear. It allows for multiple retaining bolt PCD’s and bolt head sizes to be accommodated courtesy of the unique tear drop design. Fine adjustment of placement can also be achieved via the unique air-bearing base plate. Simply attach an airline and the jack can be manually adjusted into place courtesy of the o-ring seal on the base plate, that traps the air. A product so useful that once used, operators will not accept working on a machine without one. Coupled with a Scorpion air operated Power Unit, and the difficult job of replacing these pinion gears, just got a lot safer and easier
Capacity – Metric Tonnes (Short Tonnes)6 (6.5/8)
Closed Height mm (inches)454 (17.7/8)
Stroke mm (inches)821 (32.3/8)
Base Diameter mm (inches)800 (31.1/2)
Table Diameter mm (inches)675 (26.9/16)
Table Bolt Pattern8 Bolt

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