The Scorpion STT100 Series of fixed height floor stands are an ultra-sturdy, durable, easy to move and easy to use floor stand system, which are offered in a variety of starting heights, and that can have a range of extensions dollies added to them to achieve the optimal height. The STT100-48 is a fixed height stand with a nominal height of 1220mm. Additional height increments can be achieved by adding extension dollies to this stand, and with the addition of the longest extension in the 100T range, a nominal maximum height of 1676 mm can be achieved. Ideal for use with larger sized surface machines, they offer a highly stable design with which to work under. In addition to the extension options, the STT100 series also offers a variety of specialty load caps to ensure you have the correct engagement surface for every mining and earthmoving application. The STT100-48 stands can be easily moved with the use of the HT50 hand truck, a narrow-gauge pallet truck or even a fork truck, and extension dollies and load caps can be neatly stored in the Dolly Rack option.
Capacity – Metric Tonnes (Short Tonnes)100 (110)
Stand Height mm (inches)1220 (48)
Max Stand Height mm (inches)1676 (66)

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